Statistics for Maintenance

This document explains how you work with maintenance statistics and how statistics are generated, viewed, and analyzed.


Information about work that has been completed is displayed. The information is sorted and arranged into a number of components for easy access.

The statistics are generated and displayed for:

The statistics can be used to locate weak areas in your operations, maintenance and planning, and to help you decide how to improve those areas.

Before you start


Statistics will allow you to monitor the performance of your operations and organization. Monitoring will help you to plan future operations, improve performance in weak areas, and follow up on costs.


The statistics can be updated at any time. When updates should be done depends greatly on the company procedures and the need for statistical information.


Update the statistics in 'Maintenance Statistics. Create' (MCS300). You can either make a complete regeneration or use a predefined report version that updates only selected areas. Automatically updated statistical information is also available.

The result can be viewed in the programs listed in this document. The result can also be printed for further analysis.

Update work order statistics

All statistics that are viewed in the (MCS300) components must be regenerated before you start viewing the records. All work that has been performed since the last statistics run is then included.

Work Order statistics can be updated based on Basic Data and Performed work.

Note: Basic Data in M3 Maintenance must be configured before you can update the statistics. This configuration can be grouped into three main areas:
  • Statistics Storage

    These settings define for how long statistics are saved. It is possible to save different kinds of statistical information for a different number of years.

  • Costing Calculations

    The costing calculations settings define how costs are to be calculated, and what costs are to be taken into consideration when total costs are calculated.

  • General Settings

    General settings include views and sorting orders that are defined for the programs where the statistics are displayed. These define what information should be displayed, and the order in which the records should appear. The general settings also control how the statistics are generated, such as the start period for statistics generation, whether cumulative statistics should be generated and whether partially reported work should be included.

Type of work order statistics

Automatic creation of cumulative statistics for maintenance

Automative Creation of Cumulative statistics used for maintenance can be updated based on Basic Data and Performed work.

Note: Cumulative statistics are only created when the settings in 'Settings - Maintenance Statistics' (MCS390) are correctly defined and allow the creation of cumulative statistics.

All statistics work that is performed is accumulated per site. The accumulation begins at the lowest level, and equipment is accumulated up the equipment and position structure. This will allow you to see, for example, all costs below this level and to drill down to analyze costs.

The statistics are displayed graphically in these programs:

A standard display per period is available in 'Equipment Statistics. Display' (MCS420). From here it is possible to drill down to 'Maint Stats. Display/Sorting order' (MCS430). This is a dynamic way of working that allows you to create your own views with the information you need.

The statistics can be printed in 'Maintenance Statistics. Print' (MCS600).

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