Monitoring Maintenance Statistics

This document explains how you generate, analyze and print maintenance statistics.


Statistical information about and, if required, printouts of work that has been preformed. The following types of statistics is generated and displayed:

The information is used for follow-up, planning and analyzes.

For more information on how the system is affected, refer to the documents listed in the See Also section.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

Use this process when you have questions about your production and need to follow-up on the work that is performed.

  1. Update Maintenance Statistics

    • Update Maintenance Statistics – Initial

      The initial statistics update is designed to handle large volumes of data. Such volumes may be the result of migrating data from an old system into M3. A standard statistics update can result in performance problems. This variant is also designed for cases where the maintenance is used for Plant maintenance. See the instruction listed under See Also.

    • Update Maintenance Statistics

      Update the statistics in 'Maintenance Statistics. Create' (MCS300). You use a number of from – to selections when the statistics run is created. This lets you update the statistics per for example facility, warehouse, product, work order number and reference order number.

  2. Analyze Maintenance Statistics and Print Reports

    The results from the statistics run are displayed in a number of programs. These programs are grouped and display different kinds of statistics.

    • Work order statistics
      • 'WO Statistics. Display' (MCS310)
      • 'WO Statistics. Display Average' (MCS315)
    • WO operation statistics
      • 'WO Operation Stats. Print Deviations' (MCS330)
      • 'WO Operation Stats. Display' (MCS333)
      • 'WO Operation Stats. Display Average' (MCS336)
    • WO material statistics
      • 'WO Material Stats. Print Usage Deviation' (MCS340)
      • 'WO Material Stats. Display' (MCS343)
      • 'WO Material Stats. Display Average' (MCS346)
    • Maintenance Statistics
      • 'Maintenance Statistics. Display' (MCS400)
      • 'Maintenance Statistics. Display/Inq Type' (MCS410)
      • 'Maint Stats. Display/Sorting order' (MCS430)
      • 'Maint Stats. Print' (MCS600)
    Note: The maintenance statistics in (MCS400), (MCS410), (MCS420) and (MCS430) can be viewed without update in (MCS300) if no changes have been done in the sorting orders in (MCS490).
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