Report and Close Repair Order Operations

This document explains how you report and close work orders where an external supplier, such as a subcontracted supplier, has repaired the maintenance object. The document also describes how you receive the repaired goods and how the work order is closed.


The subcontracted operation is closed.

When the invoice is paid, any cost variance is written to the work order. The variance can consist of charges that are not included in the original purchase order. Such costs are, for example, shipping costs and packaging costs.

If this is the last operation on the work order, 'Work Order. Close' (MOS050) is displayed to allow the work order to be closed as well. The repaired object can be used again.

The information is stored in the following files:

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Purchase Order. Receive Goods' (PPS300/B).

  2. Enter the purchase order number.

    An F13 parameter defines whether completed lines should also be displayed.

  3. If possible, enter the received quantity and press Enter to finish. If the Quantity field is not open, continue with the next step.

    A parameter defines whether it should be possible to update the received quantity on the main screen.

  4. Open the record by double clicking it and then entering the received quantity. Press Enter to finish.

    The system will update the associated subcontracted line on the work order to status 90. In addition, if this line is the last line, then (MOS050) will be displayed to allow the work order to be closed as well.

    If a message is displayed indicating that the equipment is not in the supplier location, then the inventory management parameter against the order type in 'Purchase Order Type. Open' (PPS095) is set to 1 rather than 0.

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