Report Details of Operation - Inspections

This document explains how to report and close inspections on a work order. Inspections are usually associated with predictive type operations where, for example, meter readings such as temperature and pressure are taken.


Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Work Schedule. Open Toolbox' (MOS195).

  2. Select an sorting order and a view to identify the appropriate inspection operations.

  3. Highlight the inspection operation and select related option 36= 'Report inspection' to display 'WO Operation. Report Inspection Result' (MOS085).

  4. Select sorting order 3='inspection text'

  5. Enter the inspection result value in the field 'Report Value'. It is possible to browse to check the expected values. It is also possible to auto populate the expected values for all lines with function 'F14 – Upd all'.

  6. Click 'Enter' to save.

    The system will check the expected values against the entered values. Warning messages will be given for each reported value that deviates from the expected value.

    The system can be configured to create work requests in (MOS170) or new inspection ID’s in (MOS085) when inspection results are reported outside predefined limits or expected values.

    It is possible to create a new work request manually in (MOS170) from (MOS085/E) with related option 11='Create Work Request'.

  7. Press F3 to finish.

    If a work order type with service category 50 is used then a feedback box is displayed.

  8. Enter the total time spent on the operation and an employee number in the feedback box (optional). Whether specifying an employee number is required is determined by parameter 390 in 'Work Order Type. Open' (MOS120).

  9. Click 'Enter' to finish.

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