Reporting Maintenance

By using an outline, this document explains how you report maintenance jobs that are performed on positions and equipment. This includes reporting operations, approving operations and closing work order operations and work orders.


For more details on related processes, see respective documents listed in the See Also section.

Before You Start

Outline Reporting Operations

Outline Reporting Inspections

Activity Description

  1. Reporting Operation

    Report when the actual work or inspection has been performed. When you report, you enter information about the operation. This information includes details about the time spent on the operation, materials used and inspection results.

    The details about the programs used for these activities are described in the process documents listed in the See also section.

  2. Approving Work Order Operation

    Approve work order operations when the operations have been reported. Operations may be automatically approved, as is the case for inspection operations. When an operation requires manual approval, the approval is likely to be done by a supervisor who makes sure that the work has been performed according to the original requirements.

    Work order operations are approved in 'Work Schedule. Open Toolbox' (MOS195).

  3. Closing Work Order Operation

    Close the operations when they are reported and approved. It is possible to close an entire work order when all operations are closed. When you close an operation, you also make sure that there are no outstanding materials or purchases connected to the operation.

    Work order operations are closed in 'WO Operation. Report' (MOS070).

  4. Closing Work Order

    Close the work order header when all operations contained within the work order are completed and closed. This step can be automated, allowing the work order header to be automatically closed when the last operation is closed.

    Work orders are closed in 'Work Order. Close' (MOS050).

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