De-allocate Tools from Work Orders

This document explains how you return tools that you have used for a job, back to the warehouse they were issued from.

Two different ways of performing this process are described in this document, one simple process and one advanced.


The tool is returned to its stock location thus making it available again. The tool can be allocated to other jobs again.

The transaction is stored in the (MOTOOL) file.

Before you start

Follow these steps

De-allocate tool in (MMS127)

  1. Start 'Allocation. Deallocate Tool' (MMS127/B).

  2. Highlight the tool and select Delete to deallocate the tool.

  3. Confirm the removal with Enter.

    The record will be removed from 'Allocation. Deallocate Tool' (MMS127).

  4. De-allocate Tool in (MOS133)

    Highlight the tool line in (MOS133) and select option 7='Return tool'.

    Return of tool results in the following:

    • The two transactions in the material plan in (MMS080) are deleted
    • The allocated quantity in (MMS002) and (MMS060) is changed
    • The tool is available for other requirements.
      Note: Once the operation is closed, the tool requirements will only be displayed in view 1 in (MOS133). It is very important that tool requirements that were not used in an operation are manually removed. If this is not done, the tool requirements will remain in (MMS080).
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