Report Work Order Operation Stop

This document explains how you report a work order operation as stopped, this indicates that the current work has been completed.

Use this instruction if your organization requires an operation to be started before work commences and stopped after completion.


The operation is reported as stopped. The time difference between the start and stopped times is used to calculate the time spent on the operation.

Information about the operation transaction is saved in the (MMOPTR) file.

The details on time spent on different operations can be used for follow up purposes.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'WO Operation. Report Work Stop' (MOS821).

    The program can be started directly from a menu, or via 'Work Schedule. Open Toolbox' (MOS195), option 'Stop Operation'.

  2. Enter the card number.

    A reporting number will be automatically generated.

  3. Enter the date and time that the operation actually stopped.

  4. Press Enter to save.

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