Add Tools to a Work Order Operation

This instruction explains how you link a tool to a work order operation. Tools typically consist of hand and power tools, such as drills, but could also include lift trucks and so on.


A tool is linked to a specific WO operation. The tool will also be reserved and made available for this specific operation.

Information about tools is stored in the routing operation activity description (MMOOPS) file.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'WO Operation. Open Operation Element' (MOS104/B).

    The program can be reached either from 'Work Order. Open' (MOS100), option 11='Materials/Operations' and then option 13='Operation Element', or from 'Work Schedule. Open' (MOS130), option 7='Operation Elements' .

  2. Select Panel sequence E and sorting order 1.

  3. Specify an element number and an element type.

    The element number is a sequence number, for example 001, 002, 003 etc.

    The element type must be 3 for tools.

  4. Specify the tool number as the operation element identity. Select New to display the E panel.

    The tool number will default to the E panel.

  5. Specify the serial number of the tool if it is serialized.

  6. Press Enter to finish.

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