Receive Goods Against a Work Order

This instruction explains how you receive goods that are to be used for a maintenance job with a work order, and that have been purchased from a supplier.


The goods are received at your plant and are assigned unique receiving numbers. Supplier statistics are updated with lead times and interest costs for early deliveries. The inventory value rises. Documents may have been printed.

The following files are updated:

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Purchase Order. Receive Goods' (PPS300/A) or use option 23=Goods receipt in 'Work Order. Open Line' (MOS101).

  2. Enter the purchase order number.

    An F13 parameter defines whether completed lines should be displayed.

  3. Enter the delivery note number, if applicable.

  4. Enter the received quantity.

  5. Enter the serial number if the component is serialized.

  6. Press Enter to finish.

    If the item that is received is a non-stocked item, the system will update the associated material line on the work order to status 90. This will also be the case if the receipt is linked to a sub-contracted operation. In addition, if it is the last option, then 'Work Order. Close' (MOS050) will be displayed to allow the work order to be closed as well.

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