Issue Materials Linked to a Work Order

This instruction explains how you issue material that was previously linked to work orders.

Use this instruction before you start working on an operation.


The reserved quantity of the material connected to the work order operation is issued. The material is ready to be used as soon as work begins.

A stock transaction record is created in 'Stock Transaction. Display History' (MMS070). This is stored in the (MITTRA) file.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Work Order. Report Issue' (MOS060/A).

  2. Select option 2=Change and issue method 2.

    Issue method 2 means that material is issued against a requisition and reported manually.

  3. Enter the work order number and press Enter to display the B1 panel.

  4. Enter the quantity to issue and set the manual completion flag if the quantity to be issued is smaller than the reserved quantity. Press Enter to save.

  5. Confirm with option 12=Confirmation or F14.

    This will issue the reserved quantity and close the material line without showing the details.

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