Restart an Operation by Stopping an Interruption

This instruction explains how to restart a work order operation by stopping the interruption that stopped the operation. Such interruptions are usually caused by material or time shortages.

Use this instruction when you want to restart work on a stopped operation.


The operation is started and time spent on the operation is recorded. The employee can continue to work on the maintenance object.

Time spent on the operation is logged in the (MMOPTR) file.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'WO Operation. Report Interruption Stop' (MOS823).

    The program can be started either from a menu, or from 'Work Schedule. Open Toolbox' (MOS195) using option 'Stop Interruption'.

  2. On the E panel, enter the card number and a disturbance code (if required).

    The reporting number will be automatically generated by the system.

    Disturbance codes are defined in 'Disturbance Type. Open' (PDS044).

    The clock date indicates the date that the interruption was actually stopped.

    The clock time indicates the time that the interruption was actually stopped.

  3. Press Enter to finish.

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