Reschedule Multiple Work Order Operations

This document explains how multiple operations are rescheduled - either backward or forward - when the operations cannot be performed at the original time.

Use this instruction when you want to reschedule a number of operations.


The operations are moved to another date.


The jobs can be done on the new date.

How the System Is Affected

Information about the work order is stored in the following files:

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Work Schedule. Open Toolbox' (MOS195), highlight one or more operations and select option 'Reschedule Multiple Operations/Assign Employee' to display 'WO Operation. Reschedule Multi / W/C' (MOS025).

  2. Enter the number of days to move the start dates of the selected operations, or enter the number of days to move the finish dates.

    If the value is positive the operations are moved forward in time. If the value is negative, the operations are moved backward (to an earlier date) in time.

  3. Enter a new schedule number (if applicable).

    This is not normally done in plant maintenance.

  4. Enter a new work center (if applicable).

    The work center can be changed during the rescheduling process. This is sometimes necessary if the original work center cannot carry out the operation on the new date.

  5. Press Enter to reschedule.

    Pressing Enter will reschedule the work order and its operations. The process includes a large number of checks and changes and can therefore take a few moments to be carried out.

    A warning message will be displayed if the start date is likely to be before the current date.

    An action message will be created if the calculated rescheduling is outside the requested start or finish date.

    During the reschedule process, a '2' will be added to the status of the operation (42, 62 etc). No further changes are allowed until this processing is completed.

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