Reschedule a Work Order

This instruction explains how to reschedule a work order along with all of its operations. This is useful when you do not have the time to finish a job by the date/time that was originally planned.

Use this instruction when you want to reschedule a job to another date.


The work order and its operations are rescheduled to a different date. Information about the work order is stored in the (MMO010) file.

The job can be completed on the new date.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Work Order. Reschedule' (MOS010).

    The program is reached either from 'Work Order. Open' (MOS100), option 'Reschedule Order', or from 'Work Schedule. Open Toolbox' (MOS195), option 'Reschedule Order'.

  2. On the E panel, set the priority, the equipment number (optional) a start or a finish date.

    The equipment number may be changed under certain circumstances-for example, when the status is low and no reporting has yet been done.

  3. Enter a transaction reason and a reference order number (optional fields).

  4. Specify whether the job in the order requires the equipment to be shut down (optional).

    Only work orders marked as shutdown are displayed in 'Work Center Schedule. Open' (PMS230) and impact the manufacturing schedules in M3 SWB.

  5. Press Enter to reschedule.

    Pressing Enter will reschedule the work order and its operations. The process includes a large number of checks and changes and can therefore take a few moments to be carried out.

    A warning message will be displayed if the start date is likely to be before the current date.

    During the reschedule process, a '2' will be added to the status of the operation (42, 62, etc.). No further changes are allowed until this processing is completed.

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