Allocate People by Multiple Choice

This instruction explains how to allocate several people to the same job. The instruction contains descriptions of:

Use this instruction when you want to allow several employees to be given the opportunity to perform the work.


Several employees are allocated to one job and the first one who becomes available is able to log on to it.

This functionality has the potential to greatly increase productivity because when it is used the first of the employees to become available can do the work. As soon as one of the employees takes the job, it is removed from the view of the other employees.

Information about the employees who have been allocated to a particular job is stored in the following files:

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

Allocate people to operations

  1. Start 'Work Schedule. Open' (MOS130/B).

    Select an sorting order and a view to identify the appropriate job.

  2. Select the operations at issue and select option 22='Reschedule Multiple Operations' to display 'WO Operation. Reschedule Multi / W/C' (MOS025).

  3. Specify the identities of the workers that can carry out the operation. Also enter any optional date rescheduling options. Press Enter to finish.

    The system will now allocate the selected operations to the users using operation elements in 'WO Operation. Open Operation Element' (MOS104). The system will use a type 2 element is one exists, if not, one will be created automatically. If so, the user's name will be used as the element ID.

Review operations

  1. Start 'Work Schedule. Open' (MOS130/B).

  2. Select sorting order 10 and enter the user identity of the user whose operations you want to review. Press Enter.

    All operations allocated to the user will be displayed.

Select and log on to a job

  1. Start 'Work Schedule. Open' (MOS130/B) and select a view to display the operations that have been allocated to you.

  2. Choose an operation to log on to and then select option 42='Start Operation' to display 'Work Order Operation. Report Start Work' (MOS820).

  3. Remove the user names of those that are not to do the work. Press Enter to finish.

    The system will then allocate you, the only remaining user, to the operation. At the same time, the operation will be removed from the work schedules of other users.

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