Check Load/Resource Availability – Graphical

This document explains how to check the resource availability for a work order request. The availability is checked for the work center.

Use this instruction when you have a fully estimated work request and want to ensure that the work center has capacity to perform the work when it is planned.


You will know whether the work center has available capacity to do the job and you will have the opportunity to avoid bottlenecks as a result of overload on the work center.

This information offers an opportunity to replan work requests that will overload the work center.

Before you start

Follow these steps

Check Capacity

  1. Start 'Load. Display Gantt Chart Planned WOs' (CPS145/B).

    This program can be reached either via 'Work Request. Open' (MOS170), F20='Gantt Chart' or via 'Work Request. Open Toolbox' (MOS197), F15='Gantt Chart' or option 'Gantt chart'.

  2. On the B1 panel, select an appropriate sorting order.

    The valid sorting orders are:

    1 = Work Center

    2 = Planning Area

    3 = Department

    4 = Equipment Number/Work Order Request Number

    5 = Schedule Number.

    The load will be displayed according to the sorting order selected. The graphical display shows the serialized item/ equipment number, work order and operation numbers, start date and status. The chart displays normal load and overload on a day-by-day basis. The colors for this display can be defined within the F13 parameters.


    The following options are available in 'Load. Display Gantt Chart Planned WOs' (CPS145):

    1. Option 'Total load'. This option displays the total load in 'Load. Display Totals' (CPS100).

    2. Option 'Detailed load'. This option displays the detailed load in 'Load. Display Detailed' (CPS105).

    3. Option 'Product This option displays the equipment load in 'Load. Display per Product' (CPS110).

    4. Option 'Over/under load'. This option displays over- and under-load in 'Load. Display Over & Under' (CPS120).

    5. Option 'Work request'. This option displays the work request. Note that this option cannot be used if 'Load. Display Gantt Chart Planned WOs' (CPS145) was started from 'Work Request. Open' (MOS170).

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