Check Component Availability for a Work Request

This document explains how you check the availability of components in your inventory to ensure that the required components are available when work is planned to start.

Use this instruction when you have a fully estimated work request and need to know that all materials will be available.


You will know if there are material shortages that need to be considered or that will affect the job.

When component shortages are discovered, alternative actions could be implemented. These may include setting a new date for the job, purchasing additional components or considering alternative materials if the request is urgent.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Check component availability

    Start 'Work Request. Open' (MOS170/B). Highlight the request and select option 'Check Component Availability', or start 'Work Request. Open Toolbox' (MOS197) and select option 'Check Component Availability'. 'Component Availability. Check' (RPS010) will be displayed.

  2. Select sorting order 1 or 2 and an availability type.

    The valid availability types are:

    1 = Current on-hand balance

    2 = Projected on-hand balance

    3 = Available-to-promise according to the ATP principle.

    The ATP principle is included in the CTP policy and is defined per item in (MMS002).

  3. Specify whether only shortages should be displayed.

    The valid alternatives are:

    0 = Only display material shortages

    1 = Display all materials.

  4. Specify whether orders initiated with planning method 3 should be included.

    This is normally not selected for maintenance.

    The screen will highlight materials where problems exist according to the criteria in previous steps. The information will include, for example, the basic work order details, item details, requested quantity and available quantity.

  5. Check item/warehouse details

    This activity can be used to view additional information about the item's availability in the main warehouse.

    On panel (RPS010/B1), select option 'Item/Warehouse' for the record in question to display 'On-hand. Display Summarized per Itm/Whs' (MMS200).

  6. Check availability in all warehouses

    On panel (RPS010/B1), select option 'Availability all warehouses' to display 'Availability. Display All Warehouses' (MMS081).

    A summary of the item availability per warehouse is displayed.

  7. Check material plan

    On panel (RPS010/B1), select the item in question and select option 'Material Plan' or press F15='Material Plan' to display 'Material Plan. Open' (MMS080).

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