Estimate Work Request Job Content - Job Instructions

This document explains how you connect job instructions to a work request operation.

Use this instruction when you want to add textual instructions to a work request.


Predefined or manually entered text is connected to the work request operation.

The text is copied to the work order operation text and printed on the standard work order form.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

Add Text to Work Request Operation

  1. Start 'Work Request. Open Line' (MOS171/B).

    The panel can be reached via 'Work Request. Open' (MOS170) option 'Materials and operations', or via 'Work Request. Open Toolbox' (MOS197) option 'Materials and operations'.

  2. Set the sorting order to 1 and the panel sequence to LT.

  3. On the B panel, select the operation to which you want to add a job instruction and select Change.

Add Custom Text to Work Request Operation

  1. On the L panel, press the Notepad icon to access the text.

  2. Enter the text. An ID for the text can also be entered. Press Enter.

Add Standard Text to Work Request Operation

  1. On the T panel, press F4 to access the list of standard texts. Select the required text.

  2. Add further standard texts using (CRS950) (optional).

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