Estimate Work Request Job Content – Stocked Materials

This document explains how you connect spare parts that are carried in your stock to a work request. The document explains both how you connect parts and how you select parts from the equipment structure.

Use this instruction when you plan material requirements for a work request.


Required spare parts are connected to the work request and reserved for use when the job is started.

Material requirements are created in 'Material Plan. Open' (MMS080). This record is created with order category 610, indicating a maintenance issue that is planned. The status will be the same as the work request, providing the work order status is set to 20. If it is set to 10, no record will be displayed in (MMS080).

When the work request is released, the material is created as a reservation in 'Req./Distr Order. Open' (MMS100), providing the work order status is set to 20.

Information about the work request materials is stored in:

Before you start

Follow these steps

Add Spare Parts Manually

  1. Start 'Work Request. Open Line' (MOS171/B).

    This can be done either by selecting option 'Materials and operations' in 'Work Request. Open' (MOS170) or by selecting option 'Materials and operations' in 'Work Request. Open Toolbox' (MOS197).

  2. Select sorting order 1 and panel sequence M.

  3. Specify the sequence number and the operation number to which the item is to be connected.

  4. Enter the item number. Select Create.

    You can also enter the alias number of the item or the customer's item number.

    Note: The item number from (MMS001) will be automatically retrieved during entry and used on the picking list and other internal documents.
  5. On the M panel, specify the quantity to be reserved. Press Enter to finish.

Select Spare Parts from the Equipment Structure

  1. Start 'Work Request. Open' (MOS170/B).

  2. Highlight the work request to which material is to be connected and select option 'Materials and operations' to display 'Work Request. Open Line' (MOS171).

  3. Select sorting order 1.

  4. Press F16 to display the list of parts in the product structure.

  5. Enter a requested quantity next to each of the requested items and press Enter.

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