Generate Interval-Based Work Requests - Quick Entry

This document explains how you generate a work request from an interval-based service.

Use this instruction when you need to trigger a service earlier than normal. This can be the case, for example, when a machine is subjected to greater stress than normal.


A work request is created specifying the work to be performed on a specific machine or position.

The work request is displayed in 'Work Request. Open' (MOS170) where it can be estimated, replanned, and released to become a work order in 'Work Order. Open' (MOS100).

The operations can be viewed and modified in 'Work Request. Open Toolbox' (MOS197), where the work request can also be released to (MOS100).

When you replan a work request, you can do the following:

Information about the work request is stored in the following tables:

Before you start

Follow These Steps

Create New Work Request

  1. Start 'Work Request. Quick Entry' (MOS185/E).

  2. Enter a site to use and a default service (optional fields).

    A site can only be entered when no site is proposed by default.

    A service might be proposed by default, but it can be changed.

  3. Enter an equipment code or a position code. Set the equipment/position flag accordingly.

    The flag will always be defaulted to the user's last setting.

  4. Enter a failure class, if applicable.

  5. Enter a description and an optional text.

  6. Enter the requester, the person responsible for the planning, and the person who needs to approve the work request, if applicable.

    The current user can be automatically proposed as the requestor, depending on the settings on panel P.

    The responsible person is automatically retrieved from 'Equipment/Serialized Item. Open' (MMS240) or 'Model/Site. Connect Position' (MOS440).

    If no approver is entered, the approver is automatically retrieved from 'Work Order Authorization' (MOS175).

  7. Enter a work center, if applicable.

    If a work center is not entered, the field 'Override work center assignment' for the service in (MOS300) controls which work center is retrieved.

  8. Enter the ID of the employee who should carry out the work, if applicable.

    Note that if this is done and no work center is entered manually, the work center for the employee in (CRS530) will be retrieved.

    If entering an employee, an operation element with operation element type 2 will be created for all the operations included in the work request, with the entered employee assigned to the operations.

    If the reference order category is 0, the field may also contain the work scope.

  9. Specify whether the equipment needs to be shut down for the work to be carried out and a request budget.

  10. Enter an estimated downtime, if applicable.

  11. Press Enter to finish.

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