Generate Work Request at Work Order Inspection Reporting

This document explains how you generate a work request when you report inspection results.

Inspections are usually associated with predictive type operations where, for example, meter readings such as temperature and pressure are taken.


If an inspection reading is reported that is outside the maximum, minimum or trend limits, the system will create an alarm type work request or a work request containing another service.

The work request is generated and may be viewed and released in 'Work Request. Open' (MOS170).

If a planning policy with status 60 is used, the work request is automatically released to 'Work Order. Open' (MOS100) and may be viewed there.

Information about the inspection result is stored in the following files:

Before you start

Follow these steps

Report Inspection Result

  1. Start 'Work Schedule. Open' (MOS130/B1).

  2. Select any operation with the inspection route that is to be reported and select option 36='Report Inspection' to display 'WO Operation. Report Inspection Result' (MOS085).

    This may also be done via option 31= 'Report Operation'.

  3. On panel (MOS085/B1), enter the inspection result value. Press Enter to finish or to continue to create a work request.

    A warning message is displayed if the reported value is outside the expected range.

    If the reported value is inside the permitted limits, the work order is closed.

  4. Press Enter once more to confirm and create a new work request.

  5. Press F3 to finish and display the feedback box.

  6. Enter the run time of the inspection and an employee number. Press Enter to finish and close the work order.

    The employee number may be mandatory depending on the parameter settings in (MOS120) or (MOS122). For accounting purposes, the run time will be automatically divided among the inspections that have just been reported.

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