Set Basic Parameters for Entry of Work Requests

This document explains how you set the parameters that are used when you enter new work requests. This includes specifying, for example, what values are to be defaulted to new requests during entry, the panel sequence to be used and what type of service to use.

Use this instruction before you start using (MOS170) for entering work requests or when you need to change the settings.


The settings you have defined will determine what fields will be displayed during work request entry. A number of values may also be defaulted to each new work request for easier entry.

Before you start

should be met.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Work Request. Open' (MOS170/P).

  2. Specify panel sequence G and do not allow orders with planning method 3 to be displayed.

  3. Specify the number of days the action message should be deactivated and set related work requests to be displayed together.

  4. Set deletion type 0 and set the model individual to be displayed.

  5. Set the service type and specify a service and structure type, if required.

  6. Activate the check fields that you will use. Press Enter to finish.

    The check fields determine what kind of checks are to be performed, such as component checks and tools checks.

Parameters to set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …


Include order initiated

… whether orders generated with planning method 3 should be included.


Display related service

… whether related services should be displayed.


Deletion type

… how work requests are to be deleted.

The valid alternatives are:

0 = Delete

1 = Set status 90

If 1 is selected, the work request will be moved to (MOS180) when the start date is earlier than the current date.


Service type

…the type of service that should be displayed when the browse function is used on the B panel.

The valid alternatives are:

0 = Services with blank serialized item/equipment

1 = Services linked to items

2 = Services linked to positions.


Default service

… whether a service should be defaulted to each new work request on during entry. If a service is specified here, this the service will be defaulted to new requests but will be possible to change.


Action message deactivate days

… the number of days the action message should be deactivated. When the time specified here has elapsed, the message is reactivated.

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