Approve Document Activity

This document explains how you approve an activity that is connected to a document.

Use this instruction when mandatory activities connected to a document are performed and you want to report this.


The activities are approved with a date and a responsible. When all activities that are connected to a document are approved, the document status is set to definite (sts 20). The document status indicates that all mandatory activities are approved and the document is valid.

Information about approved activities is stored in the document approve activity (MPDDAA) file.

Before you start

A document must be defined with activities in 'Document. Open' (CRS230).

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Document. Open' (CRS230/B).

  2. Select an sorting order to identify the correct document.

  3. Select the document for which you want to approve activities and select option 18=Activity to display 'Document. Connect Activities' (CRS254).

  4. On panel B, select the activity to approve and select option 11=Approve to display 'Document. Approve Activity' (CRS259).

  5. Specify the identity of the responsible and select New to display panel E.

  6. Specify an approval date. Press Enter to finish.

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