Create Site Positions

This document explains how you create a new position record that describes the different areas, buildings and production lines at a site.

Use this instruction when you have created a new site and need to describe its structure and different locations.


The site is defined with all its positions where maintainable equipment is installed.

Information about the position structure is stored in:

Use the site positions to define what equipment is installed at the site and where it is located.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Model/Site. Connect Position' (MOS440/B1).

  2. Enter the correct site at the top of the screen. Press Enter.

  3. Select sorting order 1.

  4. Set panel sequence G.

  5. Enter the position code and the numbering system. Select 'New record' to display panel.

  6. On the G panel, leave the status at 20 and specify a new description, if necessary.

  7. Make sure that the next higher position is correct and specify whether the position is highest in the structure. Also specify a configuration position group and whether the position should be used as a planning position.

  8. Specify a downtime cost, target efficiency, process and subprocess (optional fields).

  9. Specify a responsible if other than the logged-on user and, if applicable, a document ID and a drawing number.

  10. Specify a criticality class, an accounting control object (if applicable) and a priority.

  11. Specify a fixed asset number and sub-asset number if applicable. Press Enter to finish.

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(MOS440/B) Configuration position

… the different positions that are possible in a structure. A position structure usually consists of a few levels of positions. For plant maintenance, the top level could be the site itself. The level below the site could consist of two positions, such as two buildings. The level below could contain the different production lines in the buildings.

A unique number identifies each possible position in a structure. These are defined in 'Standard Numbering System. Open' (CRS247).

(MOS440/B) Numbering system

… the numbering system that is used for the site. The numbering system is copied from the site listed in (MOS400) if left blank.

It will only be possible to enter positions that exist in the defined numbering system.

(MOS440/G) Status … the status of the position. The default status for this field is 20=Final.
(MOS440/G) Description … a description of the position. This is defaulted from the structured numbering system if one is used. The description can be changed if desired.
(MOS440/G) NHA configuration position

… the next higher position code in the structure; that is the "parent" of the current position. This will default if you use a structured numbering system.

The Next Higher Assembly (NHA) code may be changed in 'Model/Site. Open Config Structure' (MOS445), but if so, 'As-Built Structure. Re-create' (MOS248) should be run after this is done.

(MOS440/G) Configuration position group

… a group of positions to which technical data may be liked. This field is mandatory. Therefore, a blank group should be defined if the feature is not used.

Position groups are defined in 'Position Group. Open' (MOS496).

(MOS440/G) Planning position

… the position where meter reporting occurs. Meter reporting is done for the planning position. The meter values will then cascade to all positions and equipment below this position.

If, for example, the planning position is the top position in a structure, no planning positions are needed below the top position. If the top position is not a planning position, then planning positions must be defined further down the structure.

When equipment is created, the system will check that a planning position exists somewhere above it. All equipment must be linked to a planning position. If not, planned work orders will not be generated correctly.

Planning positions may be changed at a later date. Note that if a planning position is changed, 'As-Built Structure. Re-create' (MOS248) must be run to recreate the as-built list and as-built structure. If not, the system will not operate correctly.

(MOS440/G) Highest in structure

… whether this is the highest position in the structure, which is normally the site itself. If selected, no next higher position need be entered.

One position in each structure should be defined as the highest in the structure. This is necessary for 'As-Built Structure. Re-create' (MOS248).

(MOS440/G) Downtime cost

… the downtime cost. The field is used for downtime analysis. The value entered here will default down to lower positions and equipment.

As downtime costs can change over time, the field should be used with care. Note that there is no mass-change component available.

(MOS440/G) Target effectivity … the desired performance expressed as a percentage. The field is used for efficiency analysis.
(MOS440/G) Process … any user- defined value.
(MOS440/G) Mandatory … whether the position must be filled for the configuration to be complete. This is not used for plant maintenance and should be left blank.
(MOS440/G) Subprocess … a free format field.
(MOS440/G) Criticality class

… the criticality class of the position. The value entered here will default to the positions and equipment below this position.

Criticality classes can be calculated by the system. Refer to the related process for more information.

(MOS440/G) Responsible … a user identity. This field will be filled in by default when the record is saved.
(MOS440/G) Accounting control object … a further specification to an accounting string. This is not a mandatory field.
(MOS440/G) Document ID

… a document linked to the position.

Documents are entered in 'Document. Open' (CRS230).

(MOS440/G) Priority … the position priority. The value entered here will default down the equipment structure and onto the work orders. However, parameter 360 in 'Work Order Type. Open' (MOS120) must be set to 0.
(MOS440/G) Drawing no. … an identity of a drawing. The drawing number may be entered for each item and is an alternative search key in the item file as well as in the header of the product structures.
(MOS440/G) Fixed asset

… the fixed and sub- numbers.

Fixed assets are defined in 'Fixed Asset. Open' (FAS001).

(MOS440/G) Meter 1 … the first meter. This is defaulted from 'Settings - Maintenance 2' (CRS789), meter 1.
(MOS440/G) Meter 2 … the second meter. This is defaulted from 'Settings - Maintenance 2' (CRS789), meter 2.
(MOS440/G) Meter 3 … a third meter that may be entered if necessary. A default meter may be set up in 'Settings - Maintenance 2' (CRS789), meter 3.
(MOS440/G) Meter 4 … a fourth meter that may be entered if necessary. A default meter may be set up in 'Settings - Maintenance 2' (CRS789), meter 4.
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