Creating a Site and Installing the Site Equipment

This document explains how you create a site, such as a factory, for plant maintenance. The document also explains how you define the positions that are present in the site and how you register installed equipment in these positions.

Use this process when you need to describe your site and the equipment in it.


The site, its different buildings, production areas and production lines are described along with the equipment that is installed in these.

The information is:

Information about the site is stored in the following files:

Before you start

A standard numbering system must be defined in 'Standard Numbering System. Open' (CRS247).

Follow These Steps

  1. Register the Site

    Register your site in 'Settings - Maintenance 1' (CRS788). One or more sites can be registered within the same company. Each site contains a position structure into which equipment is installed.

    The site you create is basically the same as your physical plant.

  2. Define the Site Positions

    Define the positions found in the site in 'Model/Site. Connect Position' (MOS440). The position structure of a site defines different areas, buildings and groups of equipment within a production unit. When you set up the position structure, you define what positions will be used as planning positions.

  3. Create Equipment

    Create the equipment that is installed in your site in 'Equipment/Serialized Item. Open' (MMS240). The equipment records define physical assets that are maintained. You define equipment as either inventory equipment or non-inventory equipment. You also define, for example, the equipment type, target efficiency and downtime cost.

    When you create the equipment you can also add information about warranties, suppliers and manufacturers.

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