Close Work Order and Update Service History

This document explains how you close a work order originating from an engineering order and how you update the service history of the maintenance object.

Use this instruction when you have reported work and material on a work order originating from an engineering order defined with manual approval.


Information about modifications is stored in the following files:

The modification records allow you to control the modification status of your components.

Before you start

The starting conditions listed in Updating Maintenance History Manually must be met.

Follow These Steps

Manually Update Service History

  1. On panel (MOS100/B), select option 13='Service History' to display 'Serialized Item. Open Service History' (MOS180).

  2. On panel B, select the appropriate product and select option 11=Approve to display panel (MOS180/F).

  3. Enter date, if applicable, and confirm and display (MOS184/E) by pressing Enter.

  4. Confirm with F14.

    If a part number change is defined for the modification the new part number is indicated here.

Close Work Order

  1. Start 'Work Order. Open' (MOS100/B).

  2. Select an appropriate sorting order to identify the correct work order.

  3. Select the work order to be closed and select option 14='Close Work Order' to display 'Work Order. Close' (MOS050).

  4. On panel E, specify where the object is to be placed. Press Enter to return to 'Work Order. Open' (MOS100).

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