Updating Maintenance History Manually

This document explains how you close a work order originating from an engineering order and how you manually update the maintenance history of the maintenance object.

Use this process when you have reported time and material on the work order and need to close the work order and update the maintenance history manually.


The maintenance history is updated with a record about the modification. The record with the modification of the serialized item in 'Eng Order. Update Affected Serial No' (MOS220) is given a status that indicates that the modification is performed and that the maintenance history is updated (=sts 80).

Information about the modification status is stored in the following files:

The maintenance history and the modification status gives you easy access to information about what work has been performed on a specific part, for example the engine installed in a specific aircraft.

You can also easily access information about how many of the of the affected parts owned by you have undergone a certain modification.

The item's modification record is updated and displayed in 'Equipment. Display Modifications' (MOS260).

The item's service history is updated and can be displayed in 'Serialized Item. Open Service History' (MOS180).

Modifications performed on subcomponents installed in different configurations are displayed in 'As-Built Structure. Display Modification' (MOS262).

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Update Service History

    Update the service history in 'Serialized Item. Open Service History' (MOS180). This activity must be performed manually if the engineering order is defined with manual approval. If the engineering order is defined with automatic approval, the service history is automatically updated.

  2. Close Work Order

    Close the work order in 'Work Order. Close' (MOS050). Closing the work order updates the EO program record to 80, indicating the work order is completed.

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