Defining Engineering Order Program

This document explains how to define an engineering order program to identify all components that are affected by the modification. The document also explains how planned work orders are created for the affected components.

Use this process when you have created an engineering order with a service and need to retrieve the components affected.


All components that are affected by the modification are identified. Planned work orders are created for these components.

The planned work orders that are created can be transformed into regular work orders. This allows work on the components to start.

Information about the engineering order program is stored in engineering order program (MOOPGM).

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

  1. Generate Engineering Order Program

    Generate an engineering order program 'Eng Order. Retrieve Affected S/N' (MOS910). The engineering order program finds all items that match the effectivity defined for the engineering order document.

  2. Approve Activity

    If the engineering order type is defined with activity approval, the last activity must be approved before any planned work orders can be created. Approve activities in 'Eng Order. Open Activity List' (MOS202), option 12 in (MOS200).

  3. Confirm Engineering Order

    Confirm the suggested engineering orders that you whish to create planned work orders for. Confirm the engineering order program in 'Eng Order. Update Affected Serial No' (MOS220).

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