Defining Engineering Orders

This document explains how you define an engineering order and connect a service to the engineering order.

Use this instruction when you have a modification that you need to perform on certain components and you have defined a document describing the modification.


An engineering order is defined and connected to a service that describes the work that needs to be performed and to the engineering order document that describes on what components the work is to be performed.

Information about the engineering order is stored in the following files:

Use the engineering order to create an engineering order program to generate planned work orders for all components affected by the modification.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Create the Engineering Order Head

    Create the engineering order head in 'Eng Order. Open' (MOS200). The engineering order head contains information about the job that is to be performed. The EO head is also connected to the modification document and its effectivity.

  2. Connect Activities

    Connect activities to the engineering order in 'Eng Order. Open Activity List' (MOS202). The activity list defines activities that must be performed and approved before any planned work orders may be created.

  3. Create an Engineering Order Line

    Create an engineering order line in 'Eng Order. Open Lines' (MOS210). The engineering order line contains the service that is to be performed in order to complete the modification.

    The service is defined as a regular service in 'Service. Open' (MOS300).

  4. Define Item Number Change

    A modification reference must be defined for all engineering orders, even if the item number is not changed by the modification.

    Define the modification reference in 'Eng Order. Open Component Modif Ref' (MOS212).

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