Define Maintenance Agreement Material Handling Charge per Price Interval

This document explains how you define material handling charges for different price intervals. The defined material handling charge is connected to a maintenance agreement.

Use this activity when you have selected material handling charge 2 for your maintenance agreement. If you do not define a material handling charge, the general material handling charge is used instead.


Material handling charges for different price intervals are defined. This means that the maintenance customer is charged differently depending on the price of the material. Information about material handling charges is stored in the file (ACUAGB).

You can use this charge instead of the general material handling charge. In this way you can use a higher charge for items with a comparatively low price.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Maint Agrmnt. Open' (COS410/B).

  2. Select an appropriate sorting order to identify the correct agreement.

    The recommended alternatives are 1 = Agreement, 2 = 'Agreement type'.

  3. On panel B, select option 19='Charge/Price Interval' for the agreement in question to display panel 'Maintenance Agreement. Connect Handling Chg-Pr Intvl' (COS409).

    This program is used to create a table in which the handling charges are defined.

  4. On panel B, specify the price from which the charge should be valid in the base price field. Select 'New Record' to display panel E.

  5. Specify the material handling charge as a percentage. Press Enter to finish.

    The percentage may exceed 100%.

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have defined all charges.

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