Defining Order Types for Maintenance Customer Orders

This document explains how you define order types for maintenance customer orders. Maintenance customer order types must be defined before you can create maintenance customer orders and maintenance agreements.


One or more maintenance customer order types are defined and have necessary documents connected.

The file with information about maintenance customer order types (ACUOTY) is updated.

The order type is used when a maintenance customer order is created. The order type is also used when new maintenance agreements are defined.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Create Maintenance Customer Order Type

    The maintenance customer order type contains a set of rules that determine how M3 treats maintenance customer orders using the order type during the maintenance order flow.

    Create new order types in 'Maintenance Customer Order Type. Open' (COS010).

  2. Connect Documents

    Connect documents that are to be printed and might be sent to the customer to the order type. Examples of documents are invoices, order confirmations and quotations.

    Connect documents to maintenance customer order types in 'Maint CO Type. Connect Documents' (COS011).

  3. Connect FAM-function

    Connect FAM functions to the maintenance customer order type (optional). A FAM function, with its detail record(s), is a collection of rules for recording accounting transactions, such as journal vouchers, invoices, etc., by specifying the methods used and the valid terms.

    Connect FAM functions in 'Order Type. Connect FAM Function' (CRS407).

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