Create Service Price Information (Quotation) for a Maintenance Customer Order

This instruction explains how you create one or more quotations for a maintenance customer order. For more information about quotations, see the related documents.

Quotations are used for service price information, both for the customer and the company that is to perform the service.


A quotation is created. The quotation gives you a consolidated list with all your costs and expected revenues for the service your customer wants you to perform. Fictitious transactions with all the costs and expected revenues for the service are also created.

The quotation can be reviewed in 'Maint CO. Display Totals' (COS110). The detailed transactions are displayed in 'Maint CO. Check Preliminary Invoice Spec' (COS170).


You use the quotation to give service price information to the customer and to give an idea of how much time the service is expected to take. You can also use it to find out how much the service will cost you to perform.

How the system is affected

Information about the quotation is stored in these tables:

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start (COS280/B) or (COS100/B).

  2. Select a sorting order.

  3. On the B panel, use related option 11='MCO Lines' for the customer order you want to create a quotation for, to display 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open Line' (COS101).

  4. On panel B, select related option 18='Create Quotation' for the line for which you want to create a quotation, to display 'Maint CO. Create Quotation' (COS107).

  5. On panel E, specify that a new quotation should be created. Press Enter to finish.

    If you do not specify that a new quotation should be created, any existing quotation is replaced. If you do specify that a new quotation should be created, a new quotation is created and receives number 1. If you later create more quotations for the same line, they receive number 2, 3, etc up to 9.

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