Configuration - Maintenance

This document explains how configurations are defined and used in M3. The configuration describes the build-up of structures such as aircraft, engines and plants.

The document explains the concept behind the model configuration and the as-built configuration.


When a configuration is defined in M3 a structure, such as an engine or a gearbox, is described. The description contains all installation positions and all part numbers that may be installed in the positions.

The defined configurations contain information about:

Configurations are used for:

You define a configuration when you want to describe a structure. This might be the case when you have introduced a new machine in your factory or when you introduce new object that you perform maintenance on. You might also want to define configurations for machines for which you need to know what parts are installed. This is the case for aircraft engines.


When you have defined a new configuration you have an opportunity to describe how different structures are built-up. Knowing how structures are built-up gives you a great opportunity to keep track of where specific components are installed, where they may be installed and where they have been previously installed. It also helps you to define alternative parts to install in the positions in a structure.

The configuration also gives you information about whether a structure is complete or if there are parts that are removed from it.

Model Configuration

The model configuration is the first step to take when defining a new configuration. It contains information all the basic information about the configuration and consists of the following steps.

  1. Model, Model Level, Model Edition

  2. Configuration Positions

  3. Components/Configuration Position

The basic information to define for a model is:

Below you will find an outline of the model configuration.

As-built Configuration

The as-built configuration is always based on the model configuration. However, the as-built configuration is a description of the model individual, the actual structure. This could be for example an aircraft or a train, an engine or a gearbox.

The as-built configuration contains information about the structure (and its parts that are fitted) and consists of the following steps:

  1. Model Individual

  2. Individual Configuration List

  3. Complete Individual Configuration List

The as-built configuration contains information about:

Below you will find an outline of the as-built configuration.

Example of Position Structure

The model describes the logic structure of the installation position system in a configuration. The top level consists of the model, which can be an operational unit, for example a bus or an aircraft, or be an installed unit, for example an engine. Below the top level are the positions into which parts may be installed.

A number identifies each of the installation positions in a numbering system. This numbering system is defined in 'Standard Numbering System. Open' (CRS247). The numbering system takes into account on which level the position is situated.

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