Define Configuration Positions for a Model

This document explains how you define the positions that are found in the configuration.

Use the instruction when you have defined a model for a configuration and wish to define what different positions it contains.


The configuration model has positions. It is possible to specify what parts may be installed in these positions.

The following files with information about configuration positions are updated:

Use the model with the installation positions when you specify what parts may be installed in each position.

Before you start

A model must be defined in 'Model/Site. Open' (MOS400).

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Model/Site. Open' (MOS400/B).

  2. Select the model you wish to connect positions to and select option 16 = 'Configuration Position' to display 'Model/Site. Connect Position' (MOS440).

  3. Specify a panel sequence.

    For MRO, the panel sequence should be E.

    For Plant Maintenance, the panel sequence should be G.

    Note that if the model is defined as a site in 'Model/Site. Open' (MOS400), the G-panel is automatically displayed.

Define Configuration Positions for MRO

  1. Select a position. Select 'New Record'.

    Panel (MOS440/E) is activated.

  2. Specify a name and the component type (optional).

    Component types are user defined in 'Component Type. Open' (MOS481) and are used as component classifications.

  3. Specify a location and whether the location has a history (optional fields).

    Locations are user defined in 'Config Position Location. Open' (MOS475).

  4. Select criticality class and whether the position contains an object that is essential for extended-range twin-engine operations.

    Criticality classes are defined in 'Criticality Class. Open' (MOS044).

  5. Specify a maintenance code and whether the position is mandatory.

    A position defined as mandatory must be filled before the object status is set to serviceable.

  6. Specify whether the position is highest in the structure, the configuration position category, whether it is a load position, the number of units that occupy the position and wheter an engine may be installed in the position. Press Enter to finish.

Define Configuration Positions for Plant Maintenance

  1. On panel (MOS440/B), select a position by entering the position number or by pressing F4. Select 'New Record'.

    Panel (MOS440/G) is activated.

  2. On the G-panel, specify if the position is the highest in the structure and if the position is mandatory. Press Enter.

  3. On the G-panel, specify if the position is mandatory. Press Enter.

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates...
(MOS440/B) Configuration position

… a predefined position in a position system. The positions may be organized in levels. For example, an engine can be an installation position and contain positions, for example fuel pump.

Add a position either by entering the entire position number, or by prompting for each position. When prompting for the positions to add, you select the top position first, and then the positions on the lower levels.


A position is called 222001. The position is defined for the Auto Flight Speed-Altitude Correction Left.

The numbers in the example indicate the following:

22 = Auto flight

20 = Speed – altitude

01 = Left

Prompt once to add the first position, prompt again and select the second and yet again to select the third.

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