Define the Position Effectivity to Limit the Position Validity

This document explains how you define effectivity for different versions of a configuration. A configuration is a description of, for example, an aircraft or a car. The effectivity indicates in what cases a position is valid.

This feature makes it possible to handle different versions of a model. It also makes it possible for you to handle changes made in modifications. One of the positions in a configuration may, for example, exist only after a modification.

Use this instruction when you want to limit some of the defined installation positions to be valid only for certain variants of a model.


A configuration position is only valid if it meets the criteria defined in the effectivity.

Effectivity is defined based on the following criteria:


The defined position effectivity list for the model is checked when an as-built list is created for the model in 'As-Built Structure. Open' (MOS256).

How the system is affected

The information about configuration position effectivity is stored in the file (MCFSTE).

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Model/Site. Connect Position' (MOS440/B).

  2. Select the model or site for which you wish to define effectivity.

  3. Select the appropriate sorting order.

    The recommended alternative is: 1='Configuration position'.

  4. On the B panel, select the configuration position for which you wish to define effectivity and select option 26='Effectivity' to display 'Model. Connect Position Effectivity' (MOS444).

  5. On the B panel, specify how you will define the effectivity.

  6. Specify the value from which the effectivity is valid. Select 'New Record' to display the E panel.

    If effectivity code 1 is selected, only serial numbers may be used in the effectivity definition. The serial numbers that will be checked are those found for the item in 'Equipment/Serialized Item. Open' (MMS240).

    If effectivity code 2 is selected, only effectivity codes may be used in the effectivity definition. The effectivity codes that will be checked are those found in 'Serial Number Based Pricing. Open' (MMS250).

  7. On the E panel, specify the value to which the effectivity is valid. Press Enter to finish.

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