Register Configuration Model as Component

This document explains how you register the configuration model for which you will build a configuration as a component.

Use this instruction when you want to manually prepare the system for a configuration. This program is automatically updated during model entry in 'Model/Site. Open' (MOS400).


A configuration model is registered as a component. The component contains information about the type, for example aircraft. The component is also defined as either single level or complex.

Information about the component is stored in the following files:

The component is used together with the model type. The model type indicates if the component is an operational unit, for example an aircraft.

Before you start

The starting conditions listed in Defining a Model Configuration and Creating an As-built Configuration must be met.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Component. Open' (MOS480/B).

  2. Select an item to register as a component. Select New to display the E panel.

  3. On the E panel, select a component type.

    Component types are user-defined in 'Component Type. Open' (MOS481).

  4. Specify if the component is single level or multilevel.

    For most MRO-cases, single level components are recommended.

  5. Enter a name and a description of the component.

  6. Specify a modification marking, if applicable. Press Enter to finish.

    The modification marking can be used to indicate a modification with a specific name.

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