Define a Model for a Configuration

This document explains how you define a model. You can use the model to create a configuration.

The instruction also explains how you enter optional information about component depreciation.

Use the instruction when you want to create a configuration for an object. This object may be a site (Plant maintenance) or an MRO object.


A model is defined as either a site or an MRO object and has a defined numbering system. The model is defined with a model type as either multi level or single level. The model is also defined as either an operational unit, that is the top level in the configuration, for example an aircraft, or a non operational unit, for example engines or hydraulics systems.

Information about the model is stored in the following files:

Use the model to connect the positions that are present in your configuration. For multi level configurations, the model is also used as a base to which model levels and model editions are connected.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Model/Site. Open' (MOS400/B).

  2. Select a pre-defined model and select Create to display the E panel.

    Models are selected from 'Item. Open' (MMS001).

  3. On the E panel, select numbering system to be used for the configuration, the numbering system to be used for the minimum equipment list (only when applicable) and define whether the configuration is defined for a component or a plant maintenance site.

    Plant maintenance is selected when maintenance is installed for production facilities, power plants etc.

  4. Select relevant alias types if you want to use alias for positions and equipment (optional fields that are only used for plant maintenance).

    Alias types 1 to 5 are used for positions. Alias types 6 to 9 are used for equipment.

  5. Specify the component type (optional).

    Component types are defined in 'Component Type. Open' (MOS481).

  6. Specify whether the model is an operational unit and whether it is a multilevel configuration.

    Multilevel configuration should normally never be selected, not even for aircraft configurations.

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