Register a Component as a Serialized Item and Generate the As-built List

This document explains how you register a component with a defined model configuration as a serialized item. The component will be used as the top level in a configuration.

The instruction also explains how to generate the as-built list with all installation positions in the configuration.

Use this instruction when you have defined the model rules for a configuration and need to register the model as a physical item.


An item with a serial number is registered and the configuration is prepared for installation of components.

Information about serial number is stored in the following files:

The serialized item is used when you create the as-built structure.

Before you start

All starting conditions listed in Creating an As-built Configuration to Define what Components are Installed in a Model Individual must be met.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Model/Site Individual. Open' (MOS250/B).

  2. Select an sorting order.

    The recommended alternatives are 1='Component id' or 2='Serial no'.

  3. Select the component for which you wish to create a serialized item.

  4. Select a new serial number. Select New.

    The serial number may be up to 12 positions in length.

    The lot numbering method must be 0='Manually entered' in 'Item. Open' (MMS001). If else, a serial number will be assigned using the selected method.

    Panel (MOS250/E) is displayed.

  5. Select planning facility.

  6. Select the model subtype, version, edition and level (optional fields).

  7. Specify a registration number if applicable. Press Enter to display 'Equipment/Serialized Item. Open' (MMS240/E).

  8. On the E panel, specify an owner, a customer and an agreement (optional fields). Also set the status to 80.

  9. Specify maintenance program, planner and, if applicable, next service type. Press Enter.

    Panel (MMS240/F) or (MOS250/B) is displayed.

  10. Specify the name of the supplier, the manufacturer, the item and serial number they use for the item and date the item was manufactured.

    This is all optional information.

  11. Specify the purchase price, the date the price was last updated, the currency and warranty limits. Press Enter to return to 'Model/Site Individual. Open' (MOS250/B).

    This is all optional information.

    Generate the As-built List

  12. On panel (MOS250/B), select the model individual to create the as-built list for and select option 14='Create as-built list'.

  13. Confirm the batch job by pressing Enter.

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