Define Maintenance Customer Order Line Discount

This document explains how you define a discount for a maintenance customer order line.

Use this instruction when you want to give the customer a discount on one or more transaction types within a service. The different service transaction types for which a discount can be defined are labor, subcontracting costs and any miscellaneous costs.

Material discount must be defined in the discount model on the agreement, or on the maintenance customer order.


A discount is defined per transaction type for a selected maintenance customer order line.


When a discount is defined, the customer receives the defined discount on the jobs for which a discount is defined.

How the system is affected

Information about maintenance customer order line discount is stored in Order line discount (ACUORN).

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start (COS280/B) or (COS100/B).

  2. Select an appropriate sorting order to identify the appropriate order.

  3. Select the appropriate order and select related option 11='MCO Lines' to display 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open Line' (COS101).

Specify customer order line discount

  1. Select the customer order line for which you want to specify a discount and select related option 32='Discount' to display 'Maint CO. Enter Order Line Discount' (COS118).

  2. Select 'New Record' to display the E panel.

  3. Specify the discount, expressed as a percentage, for each transaction type. Press Enter to finish.

    Note that if you define a discount on both the maintenance agreement level and the maintenance customer order level, the discount on the customer order overrides the discount specified on the maintenance agreement.

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