Pricing of Maintenance Material

This document explains how different material pricing methods can be used for different customers when you work with maintenance agreements and maintenance customer orders (MCO).

The document includes three descriptions of how material pricing methods are managed. The descriptions are arranged so that the most general description comes first. The second gives a more detailed explanation than the first. The third describes a specific area of the second description in detail.

The descriptions explain how:


The material that is used in the work that is connected to an agreement has been priced according to the selected material pricing method. Work is connected to an agreement when a maintenance customer order is defined in 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open' (COS100).

When you create a maintenance customer order, you specify which price list will be used for calculation of the price for which the customer will be debited for service measures if you specified a price list in a maintenance agreement.

Before you start

The price list(s) that will be used must be defined in 'Sales Price List. Open' (OIS017).


Selecting different material pricing methods affects which prices are used for material.

Price lists are a method of processing material prices. This makes it possible for you to control the price that a customer is debited for items.


You select a material pricing method when you define a new agreement for a customer, or when you adjust an available agreement.

Use a customer-specific price list when you want a customer to be debited a specific price for the material that is used during a service.


Select the material pricing method that will be used when you define an agreement in 'Maint Agrmnt. Open' (COS410/G).

Different price lists for material are used when you want to receive different payments for the same item from different customers. You can, for example, have one price list with a percentage discount, one with a regular sales price and one with a higher price for some customers.

When you create a new agreement for a customer in 'Maint Agrmnt. Open' (COS410/F), you specify which price lists will be valid for the agreement you create. Up to five price lists can be specified when you enter a new maintenance agreement.

If you specify a price list after you create a new maintenance customer order, the prices for the material are taken from the price list and not from other sources, such as the agreement price or the purchase price.

Selection of material pricing methods

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