Display in What Other Services a Service Is Used

This document explains how you find out in what other services a service is used. This is a convenient way of finding out if a service structure is complete with all required services.

Use this instruction when you have built a service structure for a product and need to find out whether all intended services and related services are included.


When the activity is performed, you have determined what services the selected service is part of.

The information can be used to make sure that all services are entered in a service structure. This is convenient if you have a product with a large number of services and some of the services are part of other services.

Information about services is stored in the following files:

Before you start

The service to be checked must be defined in 'Service. Open' (MOS300).

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Service. Open' (MOS300/B).

  2. Select an sorting order to find the correct service.

    The recommended alternatives are 1='Product number' or 2='Service'.

  3. Select the service in question and select option 30='Where-used' to display where the service is used.

    All services in which the current service is used are displayed on panel (MOS324/B).

    The services are grouped according to level and sequence number.

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