Connect Facility-Specific Parameters to a Work Order Type

This document explains how you add parameters that are specific to a facility to a work order type. This means that each facility can have differences in the same work order type.


For each facility, some key aspects of the work order type are changed.

The work order type is used to determine how work orders are processed in the system.

The information is stored in the table for facility-specific parameters (MMORDN).

Before You Start

A work order type must be defined in 'Work Order Type. Open' (MOS120).

A number series must be defined in 'Number Series. Open' (CRS165).

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Work Order Type. Open' (MOS120/B).

  2. Select the work order type to which you want to add facility specific parameters. Select option 12=Facility Parameters.

    'WO Type. Connect Facility Parameters' (MOS122) is displayed.

  3. On the (MOS122/B) panel, select the facility to which you want to connect specific parameters. Select Create.

  4. On the E panel, select a number series.

    The number series determines the numbers that are assigned to work orders and carries information about the type of number series.

  5. Enter any other specific parameters to be valid for the facility. Press Enter to finish.

    The fields are explained in the instruction on how to define a work order type.

Parameters to Set

Program ID/ Panel Field The field indicates …
(MOS122/E) Do not display MOS050 when closing work order

…whether (MOS050) should remain inactive when a work order is closed.

If you leave the check box cleared, and Auto receipt is selected for the work center in (PDS010), work orders will be automatically closed when the last operation is closed and the service history record is approved.

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