Approve Activities Connected to a Service

This document explains how you approve activities connected to a service.

Follow this instruction when the activities that are connected to a service have been completed and you want the service to become valid for use.


When all activities connected to a service are approved, the service status is raised to definite (Sts 20). This indicates that the service may be used.

The file with information about service activity approval (MMODAA) is updated.

Before you start

A service with connected activities (Sts<20) should exist.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Service. Open' (MOS300/B).

  2. Select an appropriate sorting order to identify the correct service.

    The recommended alternatives are: 1='Product number', 2='Service ID', 5=Status.

  3. Select the service for which you want to approve activities and select option 33='Activity List' to display 'Service. Connect Activity' (MOS333).

  4. Make sure the B panel is displayed. If not, use F13=Parameters to display the change panel.

  5. Select an sorting order to identify the activity to approve.

    The valid alternatives are: 1=Activity, 2=Responsible.

  6. Select the activity to approve and select option 11=Approve to display 'Service. Approve Activity' (MOS334).

  7. Specify an identity of the person approving the activity. Select 'New Record' to display the E panel.

  8. Specify an approval date. Press Enter to finish.

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