Connect Activities to Service

This document explains how you connect activities to a service. An activity could, for example, be extra education that is required before a service can be performed, new equipment that needs to be installed or different kinds of approvals.

Use this activity when you have extra activities that need to be completed before a service may be performed.


One or more user-defined activities are connected to a defined service. The service status cannot be raised to definite (Sts 20) before all activities in the activity list are performed.

This function allows you to prevent a service from being performed before all required preparations are completed.

The file with the service activity list (MMODAL) is updated.

Before you start

The service to which activities are to be connected must be defined with a service group that requires activity approval and with the service status set to preliminary.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Service. Open' (MOS300/B).

  2. Select an appropriate sorting order to identify the correct service.

    The recommended alternatives are: 1=Product, 2=Service, 5=Status.

  3. Select the service to which you wish to connect activities and select option 33='Activity List' to display 'Service. Connect Activity' (MOS333).

  4. Select a predefined activity and select 'New Record'.

  5. Specify a person responsible for the activity and a planned finish date.

  6. Specify the number of hours planned to perform the activity and a description of the activity (optional fields). Press Enter to finish.

    The activity status is changed to approved when the activity is approved.

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