PBH Invoicing for Maintenance Service Agreements

This document explains the process by which a Maintenance Service Agreement can be invoiced based on actual, forecasted or reconciled meter values.



Credit invoicing can be performed for meter based invoicing, however, the meter readings when invoiced/credited will not be adjusted.

Before you start

Forecast values should be retrieved from 'Operation Plan. Open' (MOS380). These are based on the invoice range start and end date and the meter specified in 'Maintenance Agreement Equipment. Open' (COS433). See Operation Plan (MOS380).

Retrieve actual values from 'Model/Site Individual. Open Op History' (MOS270).

Follow these steps

  1. Create a maintenance agreement record in 'Maintenance Agreement. Open' (COS410). See Define a Maintenance Agreement Header for a Customer-specific Agreement for guidance on required actions and settings.

  2. From (COS410), select related option ='17 Agreement Site' to navigate to (COS403).

  3. Define the agreement site for meter based invoicing based on the instructions provided in the Define Maintenance Agreement for Periodic Accrual Revenues document.

  4. Generate and send the MCO invoice by following the 'Print MCO Periodic Invoice' steps in the Print MCO Invoice document. These steps result in the creation of MCOs with associated invoice rounds for the required number of forecast intervals.

    Note:  Stop at step 7 and continue with the procedure defined in this document.

    This first run of 'Agreement Invoicing. Create MCOs' (COS610) creates forecast records in 'Maint. Agrmnt. Dsp Meter Invoice History' (COS445) for the forecast values in addition to the invoice round. The second run of (COS610) at step 12, creates an invoice run for the value generated during the reconciliation of the forecast against the actual.

  5. Perform checks before approval:

    1. Review the details for the invoice round, invoice range and amount in 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open' (COS100) and 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open Line' (COS101) based on the forecast value. If required:

      • Prices can be updated in 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open Line' (COS101)
      • The MCO and associated invoice round can be deleted by re-setting the invoice round.

    Reference the 'Print MCO Periodic Invoice' section of the Print MCO Invoice document for further information.

  6. Launch 'Maintenance Agreement. Display Meter Invoice History' (CRS445). Locate and review the contents of the record/s created during the MCO invoicing process and confirm that:

    1. The MCO number and line are updated.

    2. Meter (forecast) is updated.

    3. Invoice range dates are updated.

    Applicable fields are as follows:

    • Forecast from MOS380
    • Actual from MOS270
    • Reconcile difference
    • Forecast amount
    • Invoice number for forecast
    • Status of forecast invoice
    • Reconcile amount
    • Invoice number for reconcile
    • Reconcile invoice status
  7. Launch 'Invoicing Round. Browse' (COS615) and retrieve and approve the invoice round record/s. Status will then be updated to 50.

  8. Either manually invoice the order line in 'Maint Invoice. Print' (COS180) or wait for the scheduled invoicing process to run. The invoice can also be manually printed using option 35=’Print Invoice’ in (COS101) or option 15='Maint Invoice. Print' in (COS615). For invoice line types 1 and 2, status will then be updated to 70. Status for invoice line type 3 remains at 60 (partially invoiced).

  9. Confirm that a record has been generated in 'Maint Invoice. Display' (COS350/B1).

    Note:  The steps up to and including this step are applicable for Invoice Line Types 1-3, defined in (COS403). The remainder of the steps from 10. onwards are applicable only for 'invoice line type'=3 (forecast and reconcile).
  10. Return to (COS445) and confirm that invoice number is updated and status is updated to 60.

  11. Update the serial item in 'Equipment. Report Meter Reading' (MOS160) in order to get the actual meter values in 'Model/Site Individual. Open Op History' (MOS270). Confirm that the entered value will either by greater than or less than the forecast value. Where greater than, an invoice will be issued to the customer and where less than a credit will be issued. If the difference is zero an invoice round will not be created as there will be nothing to invoice.

  12. Launch (COS610) again and run the program for the same agreement used in step 4. using 'reconcile agreement with invoice type = 3'

  13. Launch (COS445) and confirm that actual meter is updated and the difference is calculated based on the start/end reconcile range. Comparison is made between the actual meter and the forecast meter and the difference is updated for the periods covered. For example, if the forecast for period 1501 = 199 cycles and the actual is 220 cycles, the actual minus the forecast is 21 and the invoice will be generated for 21 cycles.

  14. Launch 'Invoicing Round. Browse' (COS615) and retrieve the invoice round created. Check that the amount is the net difference between 'actual' and 'forecast' meter values. Where positive an invoice will be generated and where negative a credit invoice will be generated.

  15. Invoice the MCO associated with the reconcile value using related option 15 in (COS615).

  16. Updates will be applied in (COS445) for the difference amount and the invoice number of the reconcile MCO. (COS445) will report two invoice references, one for the forecast invoice and the other for the reconcile invoice.

  17. Reconciled meter invoices will have been updated from status 60 to 70.

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