Equipment Alias


This process should be followed if you want to define and use equipment aliases instead of item and serial number to identify equipment. An example of an equipment alias is fleet number, or another ID from the equipment master file.


The item number, together with the serial number, uniquely identify equipment in M3.

Most rental dealers cannot use the manufacturer's serial number as the rental unit number. The OEM serial number is usually long, consists of letters and numbers and, because there are deliveries from multiple suppliers, there is no consistent way of numbering the rental fleet.

Instead the rental equipment will receive an internal, unique identification number, the fleet number. This number is normally short and follows a simple logic for all units. The equipment is also normally physically marked with this number.


The equipment alias function is available only in programs required for the rental flow. It is not thus far included in toolbox programs such as MOS195 or MOS197.

The new field is not available in the accounting string. It is assumed that the real ITNO/SERN field will be used in accounting and equipment profitability.

MI programs

The new way of entering transactions via equipment alias or fleet number is not introduced in corresponding MI programs. However, a new transaction is created in MMS240 to retrieve the item and serial number fields from the equipment alias.


Follow these steps

Instead of entering the batch number or serial number for identifying the equipment, the equipment alias can be entered in the serial/batch number field without specifying the item number.

This can be done in these programs:


The functionality for using equipment aliases in the above-mentioned programs is ready to use.


  1. Open 'Settings - Equipment Alias Category' (CRS781) and define which equipment alias should be possible to use by selecting the different alternatives, such as registration number, equipment number, fleet number, search key, serial number, and asset tag. Select whether the IDs must be unique in the equipment master file. (Unique means that only one piece of equipment can have the same IDs.)

  2. Open 'M3 User. Open' (MNS150) and update the equipment alias search sequence for the user. (field EQAL).

  3. If different settings for alias search sequences are used in different companies or divisions, update the settings in 'User. Access per Company Division' (MNS151).

  4. Update the search fields for the equipment alias in the equipment master file (MMS240/E) for all aliases you plan to use and for affected equipment.

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