Create Miscellaneous Cost Type Defined as an Item

This document explains how to create miscellaneous cost types defined as items that can be used when reporting expenses on a work order or when including expenses on an MCO quotation. Miscellaneous cost type defined as item facilitates the reporting process of miscellaneous costs by displaying proposed values for the miscellaneous costs as material lines on service definition and as work order lines on the work order.

Reporting of miscellaneous costs should be performed in 'MCO. Report Expenses' (COS150) using view 3.

The below list summarises the available functionality for cost types described as items:


A miscellaneous cost type is created from the expense type in 'Cost Type. Open for Miscellaneous Costs' (COS160) and can be used for reporting expenses on a work order.

Before you start

In 'Settings – Maintenance 1' (CRS788/E), set parameter 49 'Miscellaneous cost defined as item' = 1.

Follow these steps to define Miscellaneous cost in (MMS001)

  1. Start 'Item. Open' (MMS001).

  2. Select panel sequence E, G in (MMS001/P) and sorting order '1-Item number'.

  3. Populate the name of the misc cost type in the 'Item number' field, and select option 'Create'.

  4. In (MMS001/V), select an item type with 'Item category' = '13 -Non material' (as defined in 'Item Type. Open' (CRS040/E) ).

    Press Next/Enter.

  5. In (MMS001/E), populate mandatory fields 'Name', 'Make/buy code', 'Inv. Accounting', and 'Basic U/M' and select status '20-Released'.

    Press Next/Enter to display F panel.

    The selected 'Basic unit of measure' will be defaulted to the cost type when it is created in 'Cost Type. Open for Miscellaneous Costs' (COS160).

  6. Press Next/Enter to display G panel.

  7. In (MMS001/G), select a 'Non-material item type' = '06-Expense' and populate mandatory fields 'VAT code sales' and 'VAT code purch'.

  8. Press Next/Enter to return to the B panel.

    The expense item has been created.

Follow these steps to create Miscellaneous cost type defined as an Item in (COS160)

  1. Start 'Cost Type. Open for Miscellaneous Costs' (COS160).

  2. In (COS160/B), populate the miscellaneous cost type (or browse and select from (MMS001) using F4) and select option '2-Create'.

  3. In the E-panel, populate fields 'description' and 'name'.

    The field 'Basic Unit of Measure' is defaulted from (MMS001).

  4. Select a tax code (optional).

  5. Specify if a 'Registration number' is required when reporting the expense in (COS150). This is used for example to track expenses against a specific vehicle (ex. fuel or mileage).

  6. Specify if 'Mandatory approval of expenses' is required in (COS150) before the reported is transferred to the invoice specification.

  7. Specify if miscellaneous costs are to be included in the fixed price of the maintenance customer order line. Applicable for service price method 4. If service price method is 7, this is only applicable if ’Price misc cur’ is selected on the maintenance customer order line (COS101).

  8. Specify if the misc cost type should be taxable or non-taxable.

  9. Click enter or next to save.

    The cost type has been created and can be used when adding miscellaneous costs in 'MCO. Report Expenses' (COS150), 'Work Request. Open Lines' (MOS171), 'Work Order. Open Lines' (MOS101) or 'Product. Connect Materials/Operations' (PDS002).

Price and Cost for Miscellaneous cost defined as an Item

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