Using OEM Codes in M3

This process is used when you define OEM codes for a service. OEM codes are codes that equipment dealers or service providers must report back to their OEMs following work on their equipment. The OEM codes are not mandatory for a service.


Ten OEM codes can be defined for each product/service. Each OEM code can have a maximum length of 15 characters. However, if OEM code should be the service ID, the service ID may not exceed 20 characters.

If you copy a service, then the OEM codes in the service header and operations will also be copied, but can then be changed independently without affecting the original service.

Before you start

You must set up the basic data. Defining the basic data setup includes defining the structured numbering systems and linking these systems to the OEM code.

For more details on setting up the numbering system and connecting it to the different OEM codes, refer to the following documents:


Follow These Steps

To define or display OEM codes in the service and work order process, follow the steps below. In most of the cases, the J panel is used for OEM codes.

Note: If no setting for OEM codes are found in MOS986 (see settings below), the OEM code panel will not be displayed or used.

The OEM code panel is available in the following functions:

  1. Open the program, select F13 (action/setting), and select the OEM code panel in the standard panel sequence.The OEM codes can be maintained from the J panel in most cases except for (MOS101/N); see above.

  2. Open the record you want to change or display. The OEM code panel will be displayed according to the defined panel sequence.

  3. Enter a new record by selecting the Create option. The OEM code panel will be displayed according to the panel sequence.

  4. Select a code by browsing or editing the specific OEM code fields.

  5. Press Enter. If "Confirm w Enter" is selected on the definition panel in (MOS986), the OEM code panel will be redisplayed with the text for each entered OEM code displayed.

  6. Press Enter again to save the record and update the database.


The OEM code definition is now updated on the service or work order and operation. It serves as valuable information when, for example, the service error report is produced. You can also use it as an input when estimating new jobs, by searching for previously performed jobs with the same or similar OEM codes.

Statistics are also saved on OEM code level.

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