Changing Customer and Agreement for Existing Maintenance Customer Order

This process describes how to change either the customer and agreement or only the agreement for an existing maintenance customer order.

Users must be able to correct the customer, the agreement, or both for a maintenance customer order.

Follow these steps

Changes are not permitted if the customer order header or any line has a status higher than 40. Changes will not update all fields on the maintenance customer order that are available for the new agreement or new customer. This is because the order is not re-created, but only updated with new data.

  1. To change the customer, agreement, or both for an existing maintenance order, open 'Maint CO. Change Item/Serial No' (COS340) either directly or using option 69 in COS100.

  2. Select option 2=Change in 'Maint CO. Change Item/Serial No' (COS340).

  3. Specify a new customer or a new agreement and click Next.

    M3 will verify whether the change is permitted. If the verification is successful, the updates will be processed.

    Any updates will use prices and payers from the new agreement to update the order. Other data available in the agreement, such as delivery method, will not be changed.

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