Manage Maintenance Customer Order with Fixed Pricing Based on Meter

This document explains how to define a maintenance agreement line for a service where the pricing is based on meter value readings and how this is used during maintenance customer order processing. This is a combination of meter based and fixed pricing as the meter values are only a proposed price.

This method of pricing is useful when the customer wants to know what the maintenance costs are for the specific object that maintenance has been performed against.


How the system is affected

The table with information about agreement lines (ACUAGL) is updated.

Before you start


  1. Start 'Maintenance Agreement. Open' (COS410/B).

  2. Select an appropriate sorting order to identify the agreement for which you are defining agreement lines. The recommended alternatives are 1-'Agreement' or 2-'Agreement type1'.

  3. Select the agreement in question and select related option 11='Agreement lines' to display 'Maintenance Agreement. Open Lines' (COS411).

  4. On the B panel, set panel sequence E.

  5. If required, specify the product, structure type, and service if you do not want to define a general agreement line.Select service price method '7' and specify the date from which the agreement should be valid.

  6. Specify the meter for which the prices should be based, for example 'HOURS'. Prices specified for types 'labor', 'material', 'subcontracted', and 'miscellaneous' represent meter prices (price per meter value). Press Enter to finish.

Follow these steps for order processing

  1. Create a maintenance customer order. If specified in 'Maint CO. Quick Entry' (COS130), you can specify a current meter value. A value of meter as specified in (COS411) is saved for the later calculation of sales price.

  2. Start 'Maintenance CO. Open Toolbox' (COS280) or 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open' (COS100) and use related option 11='MCO Lines' to start 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open Line' (COS101).

  3. Use option 2='Change' on the order line to display the E panel of the order line where the meter prices from (COS411) are visible in addition to current meter value if specified in (COS130). You can change this value manually, for example, if the order was created in (COS100).

  4. The previous meter value for the product and serial number forms the 'Meter' field prompt in 'Equipment. Open Service Status' (MMS242).

  5. Calculate a fixed price in (COS101/E) using function key F21='Calculate Sales Price' as (current meter value - previous meter value) * meter price. This amount can be overridden.

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