Override MCO Invoice Payer

This document explains how you can override the payer of an MCO invoice. This can be useful, for example, if the customer has damaged the equipment in such a way that the normal warranty or agreement terms do not apply.


Before you start

Agreement content with line type 8 must be defined as included in 'Agreement Contents' (COS421).

Follow these steps

Use this procedure to change MCO line transaction reason.

  1. Start 'Maintenance CO. Open Toolbox' (COS280) or 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open' (COS100).

  2. Open 'Maintenance Customer Orders. Open Line' (COS101) using related option 11='MCO Lines'.

  3. Select option 2='Change' on the MCO line.

  4. On (COS101/E), change the transaction reason to the one that is defined for line type 8 in (COS421). A warning message "All existing payers will be removed, and new payer will be added" is displayed.

  5. Press Enter. Re-creation of invoice specification transactions is processed.

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